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March 27, 2003

Biochips, Brain Imaging and Behavior

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Posted by Zack Lynch

Just as the Information Revolution has been driven by increasingly powerful microprocessors, the coming Biological Revolution will be driven by a "whole biochip" that enables consistent control over biological analysis and production.  This whole biochip will contain currently disparate and still developing technologies, making possible the inexpensive analysis of the three most important levels of biological analysis: DNA, RNA and proteins.

The convergence of information acquired from the whole biochip and advanced brain imaging technology will provide the resolution needed to develop new tools to influence human behavior. By combining data on cellular biochemical processes with information on the specific location of neuron interactions a robust understanding of how the human brain operates will emerge.

This information will represent a profound leap in our understanding of how each individual’s brain works giving rise to a whole new class of what today are referred to as neuropsychopharmaceuticals.  Tomorrow these neuroceuticals, as they will be called, will drive societal change.

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1. Philip B. Obsharsky on November 28, 2003 7:26 PM writes...

Thank you for the oppertunity,

Adding single chemicals to the human brain is like using only one fluid in a car engine, or only one voltage throughout a computer.

Simple sounding high tech answers may net money but not solutions to the condition of less than optimally functioning human minds/brains.

If you really want to solve the problems of a malfunctioning mind/brain, begin with adequately supplying it with the materials that it uses to manufacture the electrical phenomena that is required for it to function optimally. Minerals are those bioelectric materials. Make sure the tank has ions in it before you try to start thinking.

I don't suppose that I will be emailed about this comment, as my answers work to solve the problems of malfunctioning minds/brains, not capture funding alotments, but I am taking this oppertunity to inform you that there is actually an answer and that that answer presently exists and that you are most welcome to use that answer to help your own minds/brains function as well and as long as they possibly can.

I make this offer, because I believe Man's present state of development to be in a primeval condition compaired to what they [platonic singular] are capable of and that the way to advance the situation is to make it possible for large quantities of people to improve the operational capacities of their minds/brains on an actually practical basis.

The therapy espoused at works very well and can be used to achieve great effects in less than six months time and at negative material costs to the subjects involved, meaning that the successful drivers of this therapy can expect to keep more money in their pockets by doing the therapy than if they didn't do the therapy.

Sound good? It is good! The information is free too and the products needed to do the treatment are already available over the counter at most health food outlets. Those products are health food minerals, nothing too fancy or at all expensive.

The reason that I am posting the information is to disburse it widly enough so that no one ethnicity, nation or race can hoard it and make its nationals twice as powerful as the rest of its fellow humans and so enable itself to dominate the others without recourse.

This seems to be the fairest way to introduce the technology to a hungry planet. Please take advantage of the information for yourselves, your families and friends so that myself and mine can sleep better.

Thank you for your attention. Thank you again.

Best regards,

PHILIPING (Person Helping Individuals Load Ions Perfectly In Nice Groups) Fill Lip,

Philip, B. Obsharsky, from

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2. NIDHI on March 21, 2004 11:24 PM writes...


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3. Evan Wilson on September 30, 2004 3:49 PM writes...

What else can i say after all this ?!

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