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December 27, 2003

Help Iran's Earthquake Victims

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Posted by Zack Lynch

The 6.7 earthquake that struck Iran on December 26th is a tragedy of epic proportions. Please help the residents of the devastated southeastern Iranian city of Bam. The National Iranian American Council has links to several organizations that already providing assistance.

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1. Sina on December 28, 2003 12:00 PM writes...

many many thanks for your kind compassion with the earthquake sufferers in Iran....

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2. Wrye Sententia on December 29, 2003 11:29 AM writes...

This disaster puts into perspective the shameful disparities of our global allocation of resources. Earthquakes may not be preventable, but structurally engineering away the massive loss of life is. In the wake of this natural disaster, let's help the people of Bam as we can with compassion and money; but also look to how we can *socially engineer* away inequities caused by national, not natural, fault lines.

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3. Bryan on March 11, 2004 8:48 AM writes...

i think there should be more storys that tell how people feel that where accaly in the earthquake like theh people that lived in bam

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