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January 27, 2004

Transition Game - Sports for the Enabled

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Posted by Zack Lynch

Nick Schultz, editor of Tech Central Station, has launched a new Corante blog called Transition Game that will look at the broad impact that new science and technology is having on the evolution of sport.

Says Nick: "Think about it: aluminum bats in baseball, performance enhancing drugs in all sports, the shift from wood to graphite rackets in tennis, the use of instant replay in football, juiced clubs and balls in golf and the need to Tiger-proof courses, the list goes on..."

Nick will be tackling some important issues that have been covered from time to time on Brain Waves. In particular, he'll cover issues like, how far athletes will go to succeed, is it enablement or enhancement, and the right to pursue biohappiness.

Pat Kane's Brain Waves column -- to the victor, the paradoxes -- is right up Nick's alley. While Wrye and Richard's concerns about cognitive liberty and neuroethics provide deep fodder for his analysis.

I look forward to Nick tackling issues like human performance enhancement, our growing enhancement culture, and ultimately, taking on the most important battle of all -- the battle for your mind.

While a recent NYTimes Magazine cover article In Pursuit of Doped Excellence was a nice primer on athletic enhancement, Nick's analysis has already proven to be deeper and more insightful. (and doesn't cost $1.60) Just read his reaction to the politics of steriod use, athletes and uncertainty, and today's post on the NBA.

Let the games begin!

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