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December 21, 2004

Mental Health Will Be The Ultimate Business Weapon - Review of ASF 2004

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Posted by Zack Lynch

Here is a brief review of the talk I gave last week in Dubai which was also covered in the Gulf Today:


"Providing 'A Peek into 2050' noted futurologist Zack Lynch predicted that 'Neurotechnology' will be for the future what Information Technology is for the present.

Speaking at a dinner hosted by General Motors (Cadillac) for delegates and speakers for Arab Strategy Forum 2004, NeuroInsights managing director Lynch, pointed out that one in four people in the world today suffer from some brain-related disorder and predicted that by 2020, the incidence of depression would double. "More people will suffer from depression than people suffering from AIDS, heart disease and traffic-related accidents - combined," Lynch told a rapt audience.

He pointed out that a "healthy brain is the most important resource in any economy or business. It is directly linked to economic development."

This forms the basis of efforts to enhance the brain to enhance productivity and efficiency, Lynch said adding that enhancers are already acceptable in society.

Athletes use performance enhancers and cosmetic surgery is widely prevalent to enhance looks, pointed out Lynch adding that brain enhancers would find similar acceptability, but that this would not be without protests. It will definitely impact on the nations and cultures. It will affect people personally - how they see themselves and others. There will be the question of ethics.


"But the reality is that we live in a competitive economy and mental health is the ultimate business weapon. Neurotechnology is the next level after Information Technology. It will provide the 'Neuroadvantage'," Lynch predicted.

He explained that neurotechnology has already begun to be tested to enhance the productivity of workers. It is a method to analyse the brain and enhance its performance. It has three tools - brain imaging, neuropharmaceuticals and neurodevices."

More insights from the Forum soon.

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1. Aaron on December 27, 2004 12:49 PM writes...

Mental health issues play a determining role in the general well being of patients as well as their tendency to utilize other health care services and I hope that an infusion of economic interest in related topics will enable the field to progress more rapidly. The danger is, of course, the progression will come at the expense of a century of biopsychosocial discovery and focus excessively on one or the other of those spheres.

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