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July 12, 2005

Jiaolu - Anxiety and Consumption in China

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Posted by Zack Lynch

The L.A. Times reports on a devistating mental health trend in China, "Across Chinese society, signs of stress and restless energy are everywhere. Jiaolu, or anxiety, a new buzzword, produces nearly a million hits on Google China. A recent survey by the newspaper China Youth Daily found that 66% of young people considered themselves under heavy pressure and fewer than 1% felt stress-free." "The young have things their parents only dreamed of. But there's a lot of hand-wringing. They want wealth, and they want it now."

The growing mental health care crisis in China continues unabated resulting in some of the highest suicide rates worldwide.

Our modern social ecology presents humanity with a new set of threats and the need to develop new tools for survival. Emotional strength and stamina have surpassed physical strength and will soon overtake cognitive processing of information as the key determinant to survive and prosper.

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1. Henry Classe on July 17, 2005 12:50 PM writes...

In 1999 I traved to China under the direction of my employer, Whitney Design, (I have been since laid off); to troubleshoot some production problems we were having with a supplier.

Whitney Design was the second largest manufacture of ironing boards.

The supplier was Since Hardware, Guangzhow Huada City, China.

There I observed China's youth working six and seven days a week in an effor to get ahead.

I met recent college graduates, government and business leaders that were making every effort to satisy the Amercian demand for products that would meet their needs.

The Chinese know they have an economic opportunity at their feet and are working to meet the demand and arise to the challenge of getting ahead.

This is stressful and can be expected.

I hope this information helps.


Henry Classe, PE

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