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Zack Lynch is author of The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World (St. Martin's Press, July 2009).
He is the founder and executive director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO) and co-founder of NeuroInsights. He serves on the advisory boards of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies, Science Progress, and SocialText, a social software company. Please send newsworthy items or feedback - to Zack Lynch.
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January 28, 2009

NeuroFocus Hires Neuroelectric Guru for NeuroMarketing Growth

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Posted by Zack Lynch

brain%20nerve%20fibers.inline.jpgYes, all those neuro's are useful and necessary.

NeuroFocus, an emerging neuromarketing company that uses neuroelectric technologies (EEG's as opposed to MRI - neuromagnetic) has hired cognitive neuroscientist John Polich as its Director of Global NeuroLab Operations as it prepares to meet a projected 300% growth in client research assignments. He joins NeuroFocus from The Scripps Research Institute's Molecular and Integrated Neuroscience Department (MIND), where he has long been considered one of the world's leading authorities on electrical measures of human cognitive functions, with over 200 scientific articles published in major neuroscience journals. The company made this selection as it ramps up the rollout of NeuroLabs in the U.S. and targets expansion in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, India, and China as well. NeuroLabs are stand-alone neuroelectric testing centers, designed, constructed, and fully staffed by NeuroFocus teams of neurophysiologists, analysts, and engineers, which operate at client sites.

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January 27, 2009

Neurotech Innovation and Job Stimulus Proposal

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Posted by Zack Lynch

innovcoalition.pngNIO is supporting an economic stimulus proposal to promote innovation and job creation by U.S. research-intensive emerging companies.The core of the proposal is a one time refund of net operating losses (NOLs) in lieu of other tax benefits to sustain critical R&D during the current financial downturn (details below).

NIO is helping build an "innovation coalition" of trade groups in support of the stimulus proposal that represent additional science and technology driven sectors of the economy which already includes the NanoBusiness Alliance, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Personal Space Flight Federation, Water Innovations Alliance. NIO is hosting meetings on Capitol Hill on February 10-11 in support of this proposal and the National Neurotechnology Initiative.


Economic Stimulus Proposal to Promote Innovation and Job Creation by U.S. Research-Intensive Emerging Companies

One Time Refund of NOLs in Lieu of Other Tax Benefits to Sustain Critical R&D During Current Financial Downturn

Description: Allow companies to temporarily elect to receive a refund of their accumulated net operating losses (NOLs) at a discounted rate in lieu of claiming qualified research expenses, as defined by Code 41(b), for Tax Year 2008. The proposal would have the following features:

* Election to receive a refund of accrued NOLs at a discounted rate (i.e., 35% corporate tax minus a discount percentage).
* Refunds must be reinvested in investments that would qualify as U.S.-based research expenses under Code 41(b).
* Company would permanently forgo the opportunity to claim all NOLs involved in the computation of the refund.
* Applies only to loss companies in Tax Year 2008.
* Limited to small companies.
* Refund capped at a per company dollar amount.

Example: Assuming a discount percentage of 15%, a small neurotech/biotech/nanotech/cleantech company with $100M in accumulated NOLs could elect to claim a refund of $20M on their 2008 tax return ($100M x (35% - 15%) = $20M). The $20M refund could only be used to pay for U.S.-based research activities. The company would forgo the ability to carry forward the remaining $80M in NOLs for future tax years.

Rationale: Many of America's most promising companies in the areas of science and technology are struggling to raise the necessary research funding to survive the current economic slowdown and may disappear if economic conditions do not improve in the very near future. In order to save the high-paying, research-intensive jobs of America's innovation economy, Congress should allow companies to accelerate the utilization of their tax assets. Companies struggling to conduct capital-intensive R&D and meet payroll during the economic downturn will forgo a larger tax benefit in the future to claim a smaller tax benefit today. The proposal has minimum revenue impact since companies are only claiming accumulated NOLs at a substantial discount in return for forgoing the ability to claim remaining NOLs in future tax years.

As I mentioned recently in Forbes we need to act now to stem the loss of innovative neurotherapeutics. This proposal will greatly benefit emerging companies developing drugs, devices and diagnostics for the brain and nervous system who are currently struggling to raise the necessary research funding to survive the current economic downturn. Join us in Washington DC.

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January 13, 2009

Decade of the Mind

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Posted by Zack Lynch

DOM-IV.pngI'm off to New Mexico to participate in a Decade of the Mind meeting. DOM-IV is focusing on "Reverse Engineering the Brain: Sowing the Seeds for Technology Innovation" and has a pre-conference session on neuroethics, legal, and social issues, followed by sessions on potential benefits of neurotech, current hurdles to overcome and science and technology seeds of success. Lots of very interesting speakers.

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January 9, 2009

NIMH Staff Honored for Work on Behalf of Returning Veterans

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Posted by Zack Lynch

NIMH.pngSeveral NIMH staff members were recognized this week for extraordinary creativity and program efficiency in launching new research initiatives focused on the mental health needs of military service members, veterans and their families. These staff developed a new research initiatives seeking grants designed to describe and evaluate national, state and local programs that address the mental health needs of returning service members and their families as well new research efforts in response to reports of substantial mental distress and adjustment difficulties among military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and among their family members.

The NIMH awardees are: Robert K. Heinssen Jr., David A. Chambers, Jovier D. Evans, Steven A. Gerber, Amy B. Goldstein, Lauren D. Hill, Robert A. Mays Jr., Jane L. Pearson, Michael Schoenbaum, Farris Tuma, Sc.D., Christine M. Ulbricht, Philip Wang. It's great to see these people recognized for their important efforts.

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January 8, 2009

Zack by the Dots by Jim Collier

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Posted by Zack Lynch

Zack%20Lynch%20Dots.jpgA good friend of mine, Jim Collier who blogs Acting White, made this dot representation for me. I had to post it.

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January 7, 2009

2009 NIO Public Policy Tour in DC

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Posted by Zack Lynch

0-washington-dc_master.jpgNIO's third annual Public Policy Tour of Washington, DC will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 10-11, 2009. The two-day event will include high-level meetings on Capitol Hill and with the Department of Veterans Affairs and National Institutes of Health. The NIO Public Policy Tour of Washington, DC commences Tuesday, February 10 on Capitol Hill. Meetings are scheduled with key Senators, Representatives of the House and their staffers at their offices. Participants will introduce NIO and present our key proposals, including the National Neurotechnology Initiative (NNTI). This will be followed by a meeting with representatives from the National Institutes of Health. Wednesday, February 11, will begin up on Capitol Hill and will finish with a mid-day meeting with key officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs. NIO members will get to introduce themselves and join in a free form discussion with officials about their individual company issues.

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