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Zack Lynch is author of The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World (St. Martin's Press, July 2009).
He is the founder and executive director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO) and co-founder of NeuroInsights. He serves on the advisory boards of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies, Science Progress, and SocialText, a social software company. Please send newsworthy items or feedback - to Zack Lynch.
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December 23, 2009

McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT - Must See 20 Minute Video

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Posted by Zack Lynch

McGovern.png I highly recommend that you take 20 minutes over the next week to watch this important video that takes you on an intimate tour of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT.

As a member of the Leadership Board at the McGovern Institute, I've had the opportunity over the past several years to see first hand the brilliant, world-leading research occurring everyday at the Institute. I am extraordinarily inspired and impressed with the researchers' relentless focus on understanding the causes of neurological diseases and psychiatric illnesses. You will be too, once you watch the video.

Watch Video: Welcome to the McGovern Institute for Brain Research video

Research at the McGovern Institute is made possible by private and public funding. Gifts from individuals, families, and foundations allow them to pursue the research featured in this video. If you support brain research or are interested in making a difference in the development of cures for brain disorders then I recommend that you make an online donation to the McGovern Institute at the MIT Giving website or call their Development and Special Projects Officer, Laurie Ledeen, at 617-324-0134.

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December 16, 2009

Neurofeedback Gets the Test

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Posted by Zack Lynch

eeg%20neurofeedback2.jpgYesterday's Washington Post highlighted a wide scale eeg-based neurofeedback trial being conducted by the NIMH for ADHD. To date, neurofeedback for ADHD has been a cottage industry with continued attempts to bring it into the mainstream. However, lack of consensus around efficacy and its cost relative to popping pills have hindered patient adoption. Given the powerful nature of ADHD meds, it will be tough to compete on the same playing field, however, should the trials shed positive light on neurofeedback's ability to treat less aggressive forms of ADHD (which I believe is quite likely) neurofeedback should become a first in line treatment for many psychiatric illnesses over the next decade.

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December 10, 2009

New Neurotech Legislative Initiative in Early Development

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Posted by Zack Lynch

DC.jpgBlogging has taken a back seat to a whole bunch of legislative projects, meetings (attending and organizing), and membership recruitment efforts. Here is a bit of insight into a new piece of legislation we may be pushing forward with at NIO in the coming year.

Transferable Priority Review Vouchers for Severe and Neglected Brain Diseases: A priority review voucher is an incentive for companies to invest in new drugs and medical devices for severe and neglected diseases of the brain and nervous system. The legislation would authorize the FDA to award a transferable “priority review voucher” to the sponsor (manufacturer) of a newly approved drug, biologic or medical device that targets severe and neglected brain diseases. The provision applies to New Drug Applications (NDAs), Biological License Applications (BLAs), 505(b)(2) applications, Premarket Approval applications (PMA) and Premaket Notification 510(k) applications. The voucher, which is transferable and can be sold, entitles the bearer to a priority review for another product.

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