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April 29, 2010

Speakers for Neurotech 2010 - Boston, May 19-20

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Posted by Zack Lynch

350_conference-banner-2010-350.jpgWe've been heads down putting together an amazing conference this year. Visit the Neurotech 2010 conference website to see full schedule. Here are this year's speakers:

Andrew Firlik General Partner, Foundation Medical Partners; Stephen Knight, Managing Partner, Fidelity Biosciences; Art Pappas, Managing Partner, Pappas Ventures; Liam Ratcliffe, Venture Partner, New Leaf Venture Partners; Casey Lynch, Managing Director, NeuroInsights -- Ulf Ljungberg, CEO, NeuroNova; Brad Margus, President & CEO, Envoy Therapeutics; Will Rosellini, CEO, MicroTransponder Inc.; Jim Schoeneck, President & CEO, BrainCells, Inc., Ellen Baron, Partner, Oxford Bioscience Partners -- Mike Detke, Chief Medical Officer, MedAvante; Jamie Heywood Co-founder, Chairman, PatientsLikeMe; Remy Luthringer, CEO, Forenap Pharma; Suzan Onel Partner, K&L Gates; Joyce Cramer, President, Epilepsy Therapy Project -- Greg Stock, CEO, Signum Biosciences; Konrad Glund, CEO, Probiodrug; Michael Pierschbacher, CEO, American Life Science Pharmaceuticals; Shawn Lyndon. CEO, Orasi Medical; Dan O'Connell, Managing Partner, NeuroVentures Capital -- Chris Fibiger Chief Scientific Officer, Biovail; Marianne De Backer, VP Business Development, Johnson & Johnson; Guy Seabrook, Sr. Director, Neuroscience Global External Research & Development, Eli Lilly; Ravi Kiron,Managing Director, Adjuvant Global Advisors -- Christopher deCharms, CEO, Omneuron; Alex Doman, CEO, Advanced Brain Technologies, Tom Dusenberry, CEO, Dusenberry Entertainment; Revere Greist Founder, Waypoint Health Innovations; A.K. Pradeep, CEO, NeuroFocus, Roger Quy General Partner, Technology Partners -- Shafique Virani, Director CNS Business Development, Roche; Lothar Krinke, SVP, Research and Development, Medtronic; Leslie Coney; Sr. Director of Business Development, Biogen Idec; Doug Carlson Sr. Director, US Business Development, Lundbeck A/S; Christine de Los Reyes,Managing Partner, Biotech Partnering Solutions; Jim Broderick, President, SetPoint Medical; Ed Boyden, Assistant Professor, MIT Media Lab; Ben Matteo, CEO, Eos Neuroscience; Marcelo Lima, President and CEO, ImThera Medical, -- Derek Small, COO & Acting CEO, Naurex, Bob Linke, President & CEO, Embera NeuroTherapeutics; Andreas Neef, Fellow, Bernstein Focus Neurotechnology; Walter Greenleaf President & CEO, InWorld Solutions; Manuel Lopez-Figueroa, Vice President, Bay City Capital -- Amy Kruse Executive Director, Neuroscience Division, Total Immersion Software, Kaleb McDowell, Soldier Performance Division, Neuroscience Strategic Research Initiative, Cognition & Neuroergonomics - Collaborative Alliance Manager, Army Research Laboratory; Dylan Schmorrow, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Assistant Director, Human Systems, Roy Stripling, Head Human Performance Training & Education, Office of Naval Research, Chris Forsythe, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories -- Ronald Burch CEO, Cerephex, Stephen Collins, President and CEO, NeuroTherapeutics Pharma; Bruce McCarthy,CEO, Afferent Pharmaceuticals; Linda Watkins, Founder, Xalud Therapeutics; Heath Lukatch, Partner, Novo Ventures Bruce Bean, Harvard; Gabriela Chiosis, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Miles Cunningham, McLean Hospital; Hagit Eldar-Finkelman, Tel Aviv University; Ana Lukic, Predictek; Mike Vitek, Cognosci, Junying Yuan, Harvard; Jill Heemskerk, Program Director, Office of Translational Research, NINDS/NIH

If you are in neurotech, you should probably be here. Register

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